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Sanei Denko

Live a Bright Life

Can you think of a life without electricity?
Electricity is inseparable from our lives nowadays! You can cut off the power but not the cables!

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Sanei Denko

Electrical Construction & Facility

Local based business
Your town electrician: Sanei Denko Incorporated.
We specialize in general electrical installation works in Sumida ward, Tokyo. We cover houses, apartments, stores, offices and more.
We tackle all kinds of general electrical constructions, even a single socket or light switch for residential or commercial buildings, from small scaled constructions for lighting installations or repairs to amperage capacity increasing constructions, energy saving lighting refurbishment for offices, eco-friendly/energy saving related constructions of every kind and more.
When in need of electrical solutions do not hesitate to contact us. Free quote.

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1-27-4 Yahiro, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
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Hikifune Sta.
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Tobu Densetsukogyo Kyodo Association
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