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We sell antique kimonos, vintage kimonos and Japanese accessories.

Kimono dressing and other dressing services are available upon reservation.




※※※Let`s wear a Yukata (a light kimono for summer)※※※
1 Put the yukata on
(check and see if the back seam is centered)

2 Bring the collar to the front of your body. Adjust the length of the yukata.
(Once you have neatened the collar, pull up the yukata so it ends around your ankles )

3 Fix the width of the left panel
(open the right side and place the part below the left collar to the right hip bone so that you fix the width of the front)

4 Tuck the right panel into your left side.
(Open the left panel while being careful not to loosen the width you fixed. Pull up the right panel 7- 8cm above the floor and tuck it in to your left side)

5 Lap left-over-right
(lap over so that the left panel`s tip is at 3-4cm from the floor)

6 Tie the hip belt
(Bring the hip belt from front to back, cross over and bring to front again. Tie a knot)

7 Let go of the fold around the waist
(bring your hands through the openings at the under arms and neaten the fold from beneath)

8 Adjust the collar
(bring the collar between the collar bones)

9 Align the over lap panel lines
(Check and neaten so that the lines on the left panel and the waist fold are aligned)

10 Tie the breast belt
(Bring the belt from below the breasts and to the back. Cross, then tie at the front. Tuck the excess piece of belt)

Let`s tie an Obi, Bunko Musubi

1 Take about 50cm of the obi from the top end (Tesaki) and place the rest at the center of your body
2 With the top end above, wrap the bottom end (Tare) of the obi twice around you
3 For the second wrap, fold the obi in half. Tie the top and bottom end of the obi firmly at the center bringing the top end of the obi above.
4 From the bottom end, take a length just longer that your shoulder width. Fold towards your body at that length. This will be your bow.
6 Place the top end of the obi over the center of the gathers. Wrap once, then
tug upwards.
7 Wrap again.
8 Fold the excess piece of top end into the rest of the obi around the body.
9 Neaten so that the bow curves towards down.
10 Hold the center of the bow and underneath the obi to move to it to the back from the right
11 Now just fold the top end inside the obi and you`re all done with your Bunko Musubi!

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