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PartyService OMURAI

#1 catering service in Kanto region. Name the occasion, leave it to us!

Experience in catering for parties with over 100 guests! Confidence in delivering genuine Asian and Western fusion cuisine catering!

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PartyService OMURAI

Catering, Party, Event

Not only we use first quality silverware and chafing stands but you can also rely on us for set-up and decoration services! Guaranteed to present you exquisite food by the hands of expert chefs in Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine. Name the occasion, we can provide the service you need. Year-end parties, company gatherings, completion ceremonies, anniversaries (schools and companies) and wedding parties. Our extensive list of services include live Edomae- sushi making, live roast beef cutting, mobile barbecues, mobile beer gardens and more.
Proud to be #1 in delivery area, everywhere in Kanto Region! We will cater to where you want!

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Shop Detail

3-21-11 Bunka, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number
Not regular
Tobu Kameido Line Omurai Sta.
Participating Organization
Tokyo Chuka Ryori Seikatsu Eisei Dogyo Association


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