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Hustle Ramen Honma

The king of chaccha pork back fat ramen!
(ramen with bits of pork back fat sprinkled in the soup)

Cheered by the press and the local`s first choice!
Proudly committed! Open all year long hustling till 4 in the morning!

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Hustle Ramen Honma

Ramen Noodle

We started business in 1994 and our flagship product is the rich pork ramen made with pork bone broth.
Proud to present our pork bone broth, stewed by hand for more than 10 hours with 14 ingredients.
We also serve salt, soy sauce and a variety of other flavored ramens. They go perfect with the renowned Asakusa Kaikarou`s special noodles.
Hustle Ramen: our best seller, classic ramen: bringing back the rich taste from our beginnings, fish broth, noodles for dipping and more that just makes everybody want to come back!
Offering you mouth watering deals like lunch menus and draft beer in a jug for 290yen during hustle hours!
Look for our famous sumo wrestler and baseball player sign!! Families and children friendly. Relish the traditional taste.

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Shop Detail

2-16-8 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number
Open all year round
Kinshicho Sta.
Participating Organization
Zenkoku Nakodo Rengoukai Ryogoku Shibu

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